Focused areas of research

Areas of Research

International Research Journal of Science and Technology (IRJST) covers the areas of Science, Engineering and Technology for the research and review publications as follows:

Natural/Pure Science

Physical Science: Physics, Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Bio-Chemistry Forensic Chemistry & Toxicology, Earth Science, Ecology, Oceanography, Geology, Meteorology, Space Science or Astronomy

Life Science: Biology, Human Biology, Zoology, Botany, Micro Biology and Pharmaceutical sciences.

Social Sciences : Anthropology, Archaeology, Business Administration, Communication, Criminology, Economics, Education, Government, Linguistics, International Relations, Political Science, Psychology, Social Psychology, Public Health, Theology, Sociology, Geography, History, and Law

Formal Sciences : Logic, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Information Sciences, Systems Theory, Decision Theory,  Theoretical Linguistics.

Home Sciences: Fashion, Art, Design, Interior Decoration, Nutrition, Food Science & Applied and General Sciences

Chemical Engineering: Biomolecular Engineering, Material Engineering, Molecular Engineering, Process Engineering, Corrosion Engineering,

Civil Engineering: Environmental Engineering, Geo Engineering, Structural Engineering, Architecture Engineering, Mining Engineering, Transport Engineering, Utility Engineering, Water Resources Engineering

Electrical Engineering: Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Power Engineering, Optical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering: Aerospace Engineering, Acoustical engineering, Manufacturing engineering, Opto-mechanical engineering, Thermal engineering, Sports engineering, Vehicle engineering, Power plant engineering, Energy engineering.

Interdisciplinary Engineering and Technology : Agricultural Engineering, Applied Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Nano-Engineering, Biological Engineering, Building Services Engineering, Energy Engineering, Information Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Engineering Management, Military Engineering, Nano-Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Project Engineering, Railway Engineering, Software Engineering, Systems Engineering

Textile Engineering/Technology: Apparel Engineering, Fabric Engineering, Industrial & Production Engineering, Textile Engineering Management, Textile Design, Fashion, Textile Machinery Design & Maintenance, Wet Process Engineering, Yarn Engineering, Fashion Technology.

And any other courses related to Science, Engineering, and Technology.