Volume 1: Issue 2


2. A Model to Determine Factors Affecting Students Academic Performance: The Case of Amhara Region Agency of Competency, Ethiopia . Author(s): Aklilu Mandefro Messele and Melkamu Addisu Abstract: At this time the amount of data stored in educational institutions is increasing rapidly. These data contain hidden information for improvement of students‟ performance, guidance, teaching, planning, …

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Volume 1 : Issue 2  1. A Study of Physio-Chemical Properties of Healthy and Declined Nagpur Mandarin Orchards . Author(s): Prashant Joshi, Dhiraj Kadam, Shakti Tayde and Yogesh Dharmik Abstract: The present investigation was carried out to characterize and classify some typical healthy and declined Nagpur mandarin gardens in Warud and Morshi tahsil’s of Amravati …

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