Volume 2 : Issue 3

International Research Journal of Science and Technology

1.A Checklist of Arthropods Recorded on Exposed Pig Carrion in Neke, Enugu State, Nigeria..
Author(s): Odo.P.E, Iloba.B. N

Abstract: A comprehensive study of insects recovered on the decaying pig was carried out from 7th June to 7th September, 2018 to identify the arthropods connected with the pig carrions. The study revealed that Diptera, Coleoptera, Hymenoptera and Isoptera were the group of insects that were collected on the carrions. At the fresh stage, there were 78 insects and at the bloated stage there were 182 insects while at the active decay stage there were 262 and at the advanced decay stage there were 319 insects as the dry decay stage yielded only 119 insects. The Simpson index was high (0.95) in the active decay and advanced decay stages but was low (0.89) in the fresh and dry decay stages. The Dominance index was high (0.11) in the fresh and dry decay stages of but was low (0.05) in the active and advanced decay stages and the Shannon-Weiner index (H) was high (3.09) in the advanced decay stage but low (2.33) in the dry decay stage. The Evenness index (E) was high (0.95) in the fresh stage but low (0.86) in the dry decay stage. Richness index: Margalef (R) was high (4.03) in the advanced decay stag but was low (2.07) in the fresh stage as the Equitability index was high (0.98) in the fresh and bloated stages but low (0.94) in the dry decay stage. The score plot of the PCA shows a scatter plot of species distribution in carrion for components 1 and 2. Component 1 accounted for 42.3% of the variation in the dataset while component 2 accounted for 24.6% making a total of 66.9%.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.46378/irjst.2021.020301

2. Opinion of Recruiters About the Role of Physical Attractiveness in the Process of Selection: Qualitative study.
Author(s): Naveeda Sarwar, Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan, Adnan Sarwar, Saima Abid, Humaira Ali

Abstract: Attractive people often take an advantage in their life and offer preference over those who are unattractive. These problems may be ethical, cultural or social, but they may also Important impacts on the recruiting process and maybe key to problems discrimination. The present study describing the phenomena of physical attractiveness ensures effects the recruitment process with some of the basic condition outline in the implicit personality theory. The sample size was constituted 20 and saturated on the 10 of participants (6 males and 4 female) phenomenology: Non - probability Purposive sampling technique was used. Those participants were involved as the leading recruiter such as director, cos’, selection board member and principal of institutes as these were from hospitals, education institutes, Ngos and local government and ruler department in order to ensure maximum variation sampling technique as them belong to different heads of institutes. The data was collected through in depth interview by using semi-structure open ended questionnaire. These phases were: familiarization with data, generating initial codes, searching for themes among codes, reviewing themes, defining and naming themes and producing the final report were analyzed. Five themes were emerged as a results of the study, each themes were individually discussed to comprehend over its meaningful features, Performa for hiring candidate’s, Gender preferences according to the job status, Communication and Confidence level, Knowledge about the Desired Field and Qualification and Experiences. It was concluded from the respondents interview that physical attractiveness has important impact for the selection of employ whether government organization or non-government organization.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.46378/irjst.2021.020202

3. Employability of Information Technology Education Graduates of President Ramon Magsaysay State University, Castillejos, Zambales from 2015-2020.
Author(s): Michael G. Albino, Femia S. Albino

Abstract: This study determined the employment status of IT Education Graduates of PRMSU Castillejos Zambales from 2015-2020 specifically the BS Computer Science Graduates. The study also assessed the relevance of the present job of the graduate-respondents and the reasons of their unemployment. The finding of the research study will serve as basis for further study that will determine the problems encountered by the graduates in finding job, faculty performance and update or enhance the BSCS curricula to meet the demand of the industry in response to Industrial Revolution 4.0 mandate. The researchers administered a survey to the respondents to gather necessary data on their employment and job placement. There were 60 percent of the graduate-respondents who were presently employed as rank and file or clerical level; majority have professional, technical and supervisory position job which is relevant to the graduate outcomes. The survey revealed that 60 percent of the respondents’ reason for unemployment was family concern and decided not to find a job. Based on the data gathered from the respondents, the BSCS graduates were employed majority related to their course and the necessary theoretical and technical skills they gained in school helped them to find job. It is strongly recommended that further study should be done in the future to further enhance the study.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.46378/irjst.2021.020203